Purchasing a Firearm Policy

In order to buy a handgun you must be 21 years of age, for long gun purchases you must be 18 years of age.

According to Federal law all firearms must be shipped to the holder of a current holder of a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Therefore we are unable to ship directly to customers but we are able to ship to a Local FFL holder.

Steps to Purchase a Firearm Online:

  1. First and foremost make sure that the firearm you wish to buy is legal in your state. State laws differ to varying degrees please make sure that you are not in violation of any of your states laws before purchasing.
  2. After you have checked to ensure that the firearm can legally be shipped into your state of residence, simply add the firearm to the cart and process the sale through our website. A confirmation email will follow shortly after completing the order.
  3. We will need to have a copy of a Federal Firearms License (FFL) for the address that we will be sending to in-hand before shipment. Holders of FFLs vary from Retail Gun Store to Pawn Shops to Gun Clubs, normally you can contact someone locally and arrange for them to either mail, fax (814-623-9710) or email us a copy of their license. If you need help finding someone who will help you complete the transfer of your firearm we would be more than happy to assist you as we have several thousand FFL dealers on file. We always recommend that you contact the dealer personally as fees and policies tend to vary.
  4. Once a FFL to ship to has been arranged, we will send your firearm to your dealer and supply you with a tracking number by email.
  5. When your firearm has been delivered, you will go to the FFL to complete the registration paperwork. Before registering the gun make sure that you inspect the gun and find everything to your liking. By completing the registration you are taking ownership of the firearm and asserting that it arrived as described on our website; we will not be able to accept a return without charging a 20% restocking fee after you have registered the gun. If for some reason the firearm is not what you expected please contact us and we can arrange return shipment.

If you have any questions about any of the aforementioned process to purchase a firearm online do not hesitate to contact us. Completion of all steps will result in a timely delivery of your new firearm but failure to finish any step may result in a delay in receiving your firearm.